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Work from your ideal local space for free.

Earn rewards for spending locally.

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Support Local

Olora is a platform that empowers local businesses by re-imagining them as workspaces for independent and flexible workers.

We support local by hosting local businesses on our platform and enable new patrons to rate the location, spend there and share location to their network!


Olora ensures our users are as productive as they can be at local spaces based on the amenities the space offers for full list of amenities see link below.


The term 'Olora' means to connect in the Yoruba language. The power of connection is priceless. Our platform will enable users to connect with local spaces, like-minded individuals, their community and their passions.


At Olora, we know that to remain productive you must be fueled by your passions.

Our platform rewards our users for their productivity and supporting local by providing credits, rewards, gift cards and funds for their respective passion!


Olora is a lifestyle platform. We have additional perks and offerings hosted on our website that will make your day-to-day simple and fulfilling, which include :

1. Access to our slack channel with our members.

2. Community Events & Updates.

3. Donations to local spaces.

4. Insights into COVID-19 Precautions spaces are taking. 

O'Shae Bridges, CEO

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O'Shae, a Co-founder and the visionary of Olora. With a passion for the Future of Work he is determined to re-define the nominal work experience for independent and flexible workers. With countless experience in community development and product delivery while working at Lockheed Martin, O'Shae is committed to changing the societal norms around work.

The Dream Team


Brittany Fischer, CTO

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Brittany is a Co-Founder of Olora and full-time software developer based out of Orlando. Her interests include creating tech for positive social change and pretending to be a hobbit.

Ayodele Duyile, COO

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Ayodele 'Ayo' Duyile, a Co-founder of Olora, has a background in engineering and product management from his roles with tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft. He combines his passions for tech and community building to ensure voice of the user is heard and reflected within the Olora platform.

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